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Image by Alexandre Debiève

The AI Video Analytics Problem

AI-based video analytics requires massive computational resources, so many companies choose cloud-based implementation of their video analytics solutions.


Yet, while cloud computing offers some computing and storage advantages, they consume huge amounts of bandwidth for upload (and download) transmission of video streaming, which also increases costs. A cloud-based solution also relies on 100% Internet availability. This means that if it isn't connected, it can't detect any threats


Cloud-based solutions also don't engage with all on-site systems, such as triggering actions in response to alerts. 


Other analytic solutions are based on Edge devices, but these face several challenges and limitations. Limited CPU power impacts performance and functionality. There's a high-cost to replace AI-based devices such as AI cameras. They are also prone to theft or vandalism.

Cawamo’s Unique Solution for Surveillance

Cawamo Flow Chart 2.png


The Cawamo Hybrid AI Network (CHAIN) utilizes both cloud and local edge technologies, offering AI-based video analytics suitable for all mass markets and market segments (residential, commercial, government buildings, and small to large enterprises). 

It can operate numerous remote outdoor locations at once, either connected by cellular data or wi-fi. 

The Cawamo Edge unit is installed on-site and performs the first AI-based detection, which works synchronized with the cloud neural AI network and generates highly accurate alerts.

Cawamo’s cloud is the core of our solution- a powerful neural network specifically trained for numerous security needs. 

While the cloud offers unlimited computing power, flexibility, and scalability, implementing the edge device allows for better site security control, greater bandwidth efficiency and a full flow end-to-end solution.

It also connects to any on-site equipment such as speakers, and lights to respond to alerts.

We combine the best of both technologies to yield the highest performance at the lowest cost for outdoor security services.

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