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Our full flow solution connects ANY camera to any monitoring device (PC, laptop, mobile, notepad) and applies multiple detection analytics on each camera. Our platform generates high-value alerts and virtually zero false alarms, based on our unique artificial intelligence (AI), deep machine learning engine, and “crowd-sourcing” security inputs.


We have successfully developed an innovative platform that addresses numerous security & safety scenarios for commercial, residential, governments, and addressing the needs of our various partners: Security Monitoring Service Providers (SMSP), security surveillance video installers, physical security guards, and home automation & safety companies.

Some of Our Detection Analytics for Various Security & Safety Scenarios

The following are some of our current detection capabilities. Multiple services can be applied to any camera in the relevant premises.

Person Detection

Identify and alert in real-time the presence of any person in the Area of Interest (AOI), or a person loitering around your premises.

Vehicle Detection

Identify and alert in real-time the presence of any vehicle in the Area of Interest (AOI).

Restricted Parking

Identify and alert on the presence of any vehicle parked in a restricted area - i.e. blocking an entrance or emergency exits.

Suspected Robbery

Identify and alert in real-time any person wearing a mask or a helmet covering their face is entering a secured AOI, such as a bank, jewelry store, gas station, or convenience store.

Fire & Smoke Detection

Identify and alert in real-time fire or smoke in a defined AOI, via regular (non-thermic) security cameras.

Camera Tampering

Identify and alert in real-time any suspicious activity related to your security camera, such as cameras being shifted, unplugged, or covered.

Pool Safety

Identify and alert young children around a swimming pool.

Cash Theft Prevention

Generate a daily (periodical) video clip allowing the owner to review potentially suspicious cash register-related activities.

Crowd Detection

Identify and alert in real-time when groups of people are gathered for a prolonged time period. 

Covid 19: Medical Mask Detection 

Identify and alert in real-time, a few individuals not wearing masks. 

People Counting From Multiple Entrances

This unique application performs “site counting,” in

real-time, simultaneously

detecting and collecting inputs from multiple entrances/exits.

Vehicles Counting 

Counting incoming and outgoing vehicles from multiple cameras.

Adding New Detections

Cawamo is continuously improving and adding new security and safety detection services addressing various scenarios and anomalies. Cawamo’s deep AI machine-learning system, along with “crowd-sourced” inputs, allows us to add new services and make them operational in a very short time - with virtually zero false alerts.

Cawamo was the FIRST video analytics company to create unique applications addressing the new COVID-19 Guidelines – social distancing, wearing face-masks, and avoiding over-crowded locations.

Our Alerts Can Trigger Actions

To further extend the value of our superb AI analytics and the alerts generated by our platform, Cawamo provides simple connectivity to a dry contact relay that can trigger various activities such as sending a pre-recorded audio message, sound an alarm, open/close a gate/door, turn lights on/off and more. 

Alert Notifications

All alerts are sent via push notifications to any user’s registered device – computer, mobile phone, and alike. The notifications include an image showing the relevant detection and a short (10 seconds) video displaying the AOI scene before, during, and after the event detected.

​Connecting With Any 3rd Party Security Monitoring Systems

Cawamo can connect with ANY Security Monitoring Service Provider via their Command & Control software or VMS, via our full REST-based API Server. This is a simple and fast integration, requiring the 3rd party provider to map our data inputs to their platform.