Cawamo’s R&D team have developed a superior alarm security solution for the mass market using unique neural network architecture

Our solution enhances the IP camera's capabilities by adding human intelligence to track security events using cloud and onsite combined architecture, allowing us to offer superior services at surprisingly low prices

Person Detection

Our advanced video analytics can identify and alert you when an individual start lingering at an unmanned site or someone suspiciously inspecting your perimeter security.

Vehicle Detection

An unknown vehicle parked in a specified zone with a specified time limit setting.  It takes seconds to adjust areas or the setting and change the time limit.

Fire & Smoke Detection

We have released an initial phase for fire and smoke detection via security cameras. The platform is currently supplied for demo and pilot use cases with a well-trained platform. The system is in the phase of improving detection accuracy via end-users' on-site installations

Robbery Alert

If an individual wearing a mask or a helmet that covers his or her face is entering a secured area, an alert is being sent to the control center. The person in charge can then decide how to proceed or alert authorities. This detection type is being used for banks, jewelry stores, cashiers, patrol stations and other.