Cawamo solution is based on a cloud and edge architecture with the capability to connect to ANY security camera using a set of neural networks for AI-based security. Our products can turn ANY camera to a smart analytical device and provide BEST cost-effective solution for common security scenarios. 


Unique architecture

With our unique dual layer architecture our clients use any available internet connectivity yet with highest performances and accuracy of the events detection 

Dual Power 

Cawamo Edge can detect security events on-site in real-time. Integrated with Cawamo Cloud it provides fast and accurate intrusion detection.

Our Cloud

Backup, Big Data and Huge Brain

Our cloud is the core of our solution. This is where everything we learn over time is processed and then used to improve our solution and service.

All data that our scientists are working on is being stored on the cloud and is becoming the cloud "knowledge".  Similar to a human brain our cloud learns fast and is becoming faster and more knowledgeable.

The Cawamo cloud is used for storing knowledge from our systems, but it also is used for cloud backup of our client's security events. This ensures our clients have a backup of the events in the event of loss or damage to on-site equipment.

Our Edge

Smart Small device

Cawamo Edge device is a small mini PC which acts as site manager. It is responsible for the first detection of security events and for communicating it to the cloud for further analysis. 

Our Edge device can connect to any camera and can handle multiple cameras even from different vendors on-site

Connect the device to the local network on-site, follow step by step configuration guide and start receiving alerts within minutes according to your definition

Our System

The solution for false alerts and satisfied scenarios

Together Edge and Cloud are working as a virtual guard, keeping the property safe and secured for our clients.

Our clients get close to 100% accuracy of the alerts they get.

Events can be configured to a unique specification of each client, therefore eliminating usual movements in the environment such as animals or weather-related events.

The alerts are being sent directly to a user's mobile device and/or to a command&control center in real-time.

Users can define the area of interest, a schedule and a type of alert they wish to receive. All in a simple and intuitive manner.

Multi Polygons

Each camera can be configured to track different intrusion elements and in different areas of interest and 

Real-time Phone alerts

Alerts in real-time by push notification directly to mobile devices or desktop

CLoud Backup

Safe cloud recording of all security alerts. The best solution for on-site equipment damage or theft.

Vendor Agnostic

Cawamo system can connect to any vendor's IP camera or DVR/NVR.
Multi vendors can be connected using a single Cawamo device.

Protect your site

  Cawamo security solutions unique architecture allows us to offer a cost-effective, yet high-level security alert systems. This is based on an advanced artificial intelligence hosted in our cloud infrastructure allowing each client to use a centralized managed service.