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Sophisticated ai-based video analytics technology, at your fingertips

With our CHAIN architecture (Cawamo Hybrid AI Network), our platform utilizes both cloud and edge processing.

That means no hardware upgrades are necessary, ever.

Impeccable Accuracy and Detection Capabilities

Cawamo's patented AI-based video analytics technology delivers the highest detection accuracy with special algorithms that detect events even in the harshest visual conditions.

Screenchot of Cawamo Tracking System
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Crowdsourced Inputs

Our partners and global users continuously improve our performance. 

This cooperation between Cawamo and its users allows us to offer new services quickly and effectively – at nearly zero missed or false alerts when released. 

Each user can contribute to the platform's enhancement, further improving our AI engine.

Simple Installation & Operation

Cawamo's technology is a web-based solution, and can be used via any browser or mobile phone, allowing the installer to add new clients and configure new services in minutes.

It can also send push notifications using our mobile application on Android or iOS. 

cawamo reseller platform
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cawamo area of interest edit

Determine the Area of Interest (AOI) &
Add Multiple Detection Services

Get full control of the AOI with a simple drawing on the camera view.


Simply use the dots on the overlay to edit the area, and customize it for multiple services per camera. 

Integration with External
On-site Peripherals

With Cawamo’s dry-contact add-on unit, you can connect to on-site external peripherals.

Turn lights on or off, close a gate, sound an alarm, and more - all being triggered upon an alert detection or via remote manual operation.

cawamo relay system.jpg

Add Audio Messages

Connect speakers to our Edge device, add a prerecorded audio announcement, and speak remotely to the site upon an alert notification.

Integration with Third Party Software

Our full flow solution connects any camera to a monitoring device and can integrate with most third-party software.

Cawamo can connect with all Monitoring Service Providers via Command & Control software or VMS via our full REST-based API Server.

It only requires the 3rd party provider to map our data inputs to their platform. 

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