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Cawamo Product Overview

Sophisticated Technology Made Simple to Use

Cawamo has successfully developed a highly advanced technology of deep machine-learning, smart cloud-servers architecture, and challenging artificial intelligence (AI) applications. All bundled in a smart and easy to use platform that addresses numerous security & safety scenarios for all size businesses, residentials, and governments. Offering a top-performance product, while keeping cost low, and installation & operation short & simple. 

We Focus On:

Best Cost/Performance Efficiency

Our CHAIN architecture (Cawamo Hybrid AI Network), exploits the benefits of both cloud and edge processing. This saves the need to install high-cost equipment on-site and work with an accurate synchronization mechanism to offer the best cost/performance solution in the market!

Impeccable Accuracy and Detection Capabilities

Resulting in virtually zero alerts with far distance and limited night vision, and the use of sophisticated PTZ cameras moving and zooming in and out at high-speed, in addition to other challenging environmental conditions. Our patent-pending AI technology delivers the highest detection accuracy with special algorithms that detect events even in some very harsh visual conditions.

Cawamo’s partners and users worldwide continuously help improve our performance daily, this allows us to offer new services in a very short time and making them operational and highly effective – above 95% accuracy, once released. Each user can contribute to the improvement of the platform by giving feedback regarding the accuracy of all alerts, expanding our AI engine knowledge-base.

Crowdsourced Inputs

Simple & Quick Installation, Operation, and Virtually Zero Maintenance

An all web-based solution, that can be operated via any browser or mobile phone, allowing the installer to add new clients and configure new services in minutes.

Simple end-user operation without any software installation, using only a web browser. Possibility to use our mobile application on Android or iOS to receive real-time push notifications for alerts.

Operate from Anywhere

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Determine the Area of Interest (AOI) and Add Multiple Detection Services for Each Camera

Full control of the AOI with a simple drawing on the camera view.

Connect speakers to our Edge device and add a prerecorded audio announcement or connect and speak remotely to the site upon an alert notification.

Audio Messages

Integration with External On-site Peripherals

With Cawamo’s dry-contact add-on unit you can connect to external on-site peripherals. You can turn lights on or off, close a gate, sound an alarm, and more - all being triggered upon an alert detection or via remote manual operation.