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Outdoor Night View on Surveillance Cameras: Enhancing Nocturnal Security for Camera Systems

Cawamo uses breakthrough AI technology to enhance outdoor night-view for security cameras.


With the security industry’s massive growth these past few years, the competition has yielded higher picture quality and other features such as wifi-connectivity. However, as security cameras advance, there are still a few glaring flaws that must be rectified by additional software.

Built for Low Light

Most security cameras are built to operate optimally in low light. At night, it can be difficult for the camera to pick up the shape of objects or people. Additionally, it’s even tougher for human security guards to distinguish objects in the dark, making detection a massive problem.

Too Many False Alerts

When AI is used to power those cameras, they can have a hair-trigger response to stimuli. This automatic response can lead to a high number of false alerts and a general distrust in the system.

Our Solution

Cawamo’s unique hybrid system of AI and Edge computing means fewer false alarms and faster threat detection. The platform has learned to detect objects in low light and night vision scenarios. All notifications and alerts are sent to the security team via the app and the desktop platform to be confirmed. Its machine-learning software means that it is constantly improving alert detection, so even if it gets some wrong, it will become better over time. Couple that with our expanding community of users who help our software daily, Cawamo is proud to have an over 99% success rate.

How to activate it on your current Cawamo software:

Activating features for your night vision camera system can be found on the Cawamo portal. Contact your local security system reseller for more information, or contact us here.

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