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How Security is Changing After Lockdowns

Surveillance in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world slowly returns to order, we learned how precious human connection is. In addition, we now face added challenges with monitoring and securing our businesses and homes, mainly due to new regulations and crowd policies. There is a delicate balance between opening up our businesses with maintaining healthy protocols.

Monitoring for Masks

The health-oriented rules regarding crowds, social distancing, and masks may still be in effect until 2022. Hence, as businesses worldwide start opening to full capacity, keeping those rules in mind is important. It’s important to have eyes across your business to ensure that people follow the correct protocols without gluing themselves to the security camera footage.

Maintaining Social Distancing Protocols

While mask-wearing is already massive trouble for surveillance after the pandemic, now there’s a need to ensure people follow social distancing protocols. While herd immunity is on the horizon, there’s still a chance that people can still get sick from others. It’s important to your business to keep these rules in mind, especially to ensure that your customers feel safe.

The Easy Way to Better Surveillance After the Pandemic

Only Cawamo is equipped to handle every Covid-19-related scenario. Cawamo’s patented software uses existing camera systems and turns them into virtual guards, ensuring the most cost-efficient and best-performing software in its market. To schedule a demo, please contact us.

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