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How CHAIN (CAWAMO Hybrid AI Network) technology takes security guards companies to the next level

Now, the term hybrid takes on a new meaning: hybrid technological and human guarding services.

Security companies are changing rapidly using technology as an inherent part of the service offered by them for a much better service but with a lower price level.

Cawamo's CHAIN ​​technology offers a complete suite of guard management and security tools, including:

Operational monitoring of the guards in real time:

- Verifies the completion of the guards' patrols - Cawamo activates an alert in case the guard has not visited the designated patrol locations.

- Ensuring guards stay inside or outside a defined area - Visual verification ensures that the guard does not leave the guarded area.

- Detect sleeping guards - make sure the guard is awake.

One guard for several entries:

- Accurate AI-based video analysis can leverage the guard’s operation: one guard can now watch multiple entrances at the same time.

- Focus: Makes the guard focus on real events instead of constantly watching multiple cameras.

- Always on: AI video surveillance is never tired - continuously running and detecting any security event.

- Alerts are sent in real time to the guard's mobile phone - this ensures that the entire site is secured 24/7 even while the guard is patrolling.

Complementary technological services:

Cawamo's AI-based system is used for various site management tasks in addition to security-related functions such as fire or smoke detection, vehicles parked in a restricted area, items left in public areas, and more.

Best cost performance:

No need to replace existing cameras: Cawamo's hybrid solution can use any existing camera on site and turns it into a smart alert system with all the c

apabilities mentioned above.

No need for a dedicated high-bandwidth internet connection: Cawamo's hybrid solution uniquely performs a significant part of the AI ​​analysis on-site and connectivity is only used when additional accuracy is needed in the cloud.

One camera performs several tasks: several services can

be implemented in each of the site's security cameras.

Real-time alerts to multiple endpoints: Alerts can be sent to the guard’s mobile phone, guard’s screen, managers, remote monitoring centers or site owners.

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