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How Cawamo Assists Central Stations with Less False Alerts

Secure multiple areas smarter and more efficiently than ever

Central stations have to keep places safe on a simple level, but there’s so much more to that. They have a unique growth model that requires managing and hiring the right staff. As much as central stations rely on their talent to keep their customers safe, it’s also time we give them the best tools and upgrades to handle multiple clients at once.

While they manage the technology to monitor the sites and accurately report security events like trespassing, we at Cawamo have found a way to make surveillance systems work for central stations more than ever.

We learned what hurt modern central stations through our research, and we built our CHAIN system to fit particular solutions. Here are the problems we found that could be holding your business back:

Expensive false alerts

Central stations can be very apprehensive when something happens at a site. It should be an obvious decision to call the authorities when security detects an alert. However, it becomes more complicated when the alert turns out to be fake. Depending on the location, a false alert can range from $25 to thousands of dollars in fees, costing over $3.2 billion nationally. The fear of false alarms may make stations hesitate in pulling the alarm in the future.

Managing your team and resources

If the client is big enough to have multiple locations, it may require multiple guards to check the video feeds. In addition, high prices are still the norm for better equipment, whether for hardware, maintaining a cellular data connection for certain cameras, and memory usage for HD resolution. Companies need a low-data option that processes detections as efficiently as possible and relays virtually zero false alerts.

An increase in RMR

The use of Cawamo technology can provide clients with a significant and unique feature. Once the initial investment is paid off, they could offer their security services at a significantly lower price since our ai-based video analytics software. This improvement should result in more business over time.

In addition, we understand how important it is for your business to increase your Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR), especially while growing your central station. With Cawamo’s Edge computing system and CHAIN platform, you can monitor multiple locations on one system, therefore increasing efficiency and flexibility for a singular location.

Cawamo’s system alerts your surveillance staff of every important detection and works harder to make it easier for your business.

It doesn’t matter whether or not your business is more established or just beginning with a single client. Cawamo’s AI-based video analytics is built to act as a virtual security guard, relay virtually zero false alerts, and operate at a lower data cost. It is the best cost ratio per performance on the market and requires zero hardware updates or software upgrades.

See more on how Cawamo can be your system’s best upgrade here.

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