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How a Security Operator Accelerated Service Growth and Increased Profits

Repeated False Alerts Reduces CCTV Operator Performance”

Due to the nature of alarm monitoring, once it has been established that most of the alerts coming out of this one particular camera tend to be false, CCTV operators very quickly disengage from what they are doing — resulting in reduced effectiveness. According to some studies, nearly 25% of trained CCTV operators disengaged from their work in the first 30 minutes of starting their shift.

(Donald Fiona, 2015)

Client: Security Services Provider


Reaching new heights in their business is everyone’s dream. Having sufficient staff that is trained to use technology where possibly extends the ability of the service business. We are then not using human force to provide the full service, but rather use the workforce to manage the technology to accurately monitor the sites and accurately report the security events.

Industry: Security

Past: This security company used standard analytics solutions for their clients’ monitoring. Having tens of thousands of cameras to be monitored by the security teams and control centres with no possibility to focus on events in real time – most of the team’s time is wasted on handling false alarms.

Issue: Huge amount of false alarms that caused an increased demand for staff which overall resulted in decreased work efficiency.

Aim: Reduce the volume of false alarms to a reasonable level which can be handled by a minimal staff on-site.

Cawamo have implemented special features dedicated for a command and control centre, including audible alerts, snooze (alerts are being presented until a relevant act is being made by the security operator), low internet bandwidth mechanism ( smart connectivity and visual algorithm which makes it possible to view large number of sites with reduced capacity requirements) and easily managed talk back mechanism which allows the security operator to handle the events remotely and in real time with automatic audible sounds in every instance.

In April 2019 Cawamo has added a range of capabilities to its products which allow security operators to get all alerts visually from the cameras installed on site. Previously this was reported using sensors.

Using existing surveillance equipment, the client has only invested in Cawamo Edge which was added to each monitored site. The service delivery has improved dramatically while overall operational costs were significantly reduced. The client has plans to roll out the solution to all existing sites and future ones.

The use of Cawamo technology provided the client with competitive advantage. The costs of delivering its services has been reduced and once the initial investment is paid off, they will be able to offer their security services at significantly lower prices. This should result in more business over time.

Our solution in a nutshell

We have provided an add-on solution which was integrated with the existing surveillance equipment installed at end-user sites. The interface was then integrated with its command and control video management system, which meant no extra training was needed and staff continued using the same systems.


Over the last few months Cawamo’s solution had successfully helped the security company to better handle their service to existing clients and dramatically improve their competitive status with a much better offering to the market.


Improved Efficiency

Higher Profits

Keeping a competitive edge in any industry is not easy. At Cawamo we create innovative solutions to get you ahead in more ways than one. Find out more at

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