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Expanding Far-distance Capabilities for Outdoor Security Camera Systems

Detect people and objects from more than 200ft with Cawamo’s CHAIN software on your outdoor security camera system

Screen capture of Long-Distance Detection
Screen capture of Long-Distance Detection

Security cameras have become more advanced than ever. However, that comes with a multitude of problems, including cost, storage, and bandwidth.

Sacrificing Cost for Quality

When it comes to deterring criminals and trespassers, the best option is seemingly to install a camera, no matter the quality. Most customers opt to purchase a lower-cost camera with low picture quality, but this can be a problem when its footage is needed. Sure, it can show faces, but some scenarios may require more detailed photos.

Storage Issues

Increased camera resolutions are becoming a key strategic consideration for surveillance, able to cover far more area and zoom in on objects or people without loss of detail. They also deliver sharper image quality for video analytics solutions like Cawamo. Many companies require higher-resolution video to comply with insurance providers, maximize any loss recovery, and strengthen the deterrence for criminal acts.

Unfortunately, higher-resolution videos also come at a steep price, requiring much more storage capacity than lower-resolution video captured with older technology.

For example, traditional standard definition (SD) cameras record video at 4CIF resolution [704 x 576 pixels (NTSC) and 5 frames per second (fps)]. High definition (HD) cameras commonly record at 2MP (1920 x 1080) resolutions. The typical number of frames per second is around 30 fps. That being said, a 2MP HD camera can require over 15 times the storage capacity of an SD surveillance camera.

Higher capacity requirements are only part of the problem. HD recording also demands a higher performance of today’s surveillance storage solutions.

Bandwidth Problems

Additionally, some cameras need to be installed far away from the main console or can't connect to it directly via a cable. Usually, cameras for these situations can connect via Wi-Fi or cellular data to the main console, but that takes a lot of energy and cost to transmit data. Cellular data also transmits far weaker compared to wi-fi, but cellular reaches farther.

To solve this one problem, some security cameras are equipped with their own cloud computing to process detections quickly. However, that takes up a lot of data to process with Cloud computing.

How Cawamo’s Platform Enhances Long Distance Detections

Our CHAIN (Cawamo Hybrid AI Network) system analyzes and computes any detections in two places: on-site, using the edge computing system, and our cloud computation system via an online connection.

Cawamo uses crowd-sourced, AI-based analytics to detect objects and people, even with low-quality security cameras. This process happens automatically in the area of interest (AOI) overlay. Simply adjust the AOI on your camera (or multiple cameras) and its video feed will become more intuitive and active. Its enhanced capabilities allow for cameras to detect objects from far distances, even under low light or low megapixel count.

To connect with its cloud computing system, it uses less data than the competition and with virtually zero false alerts.

To learn more about our platform, and how Cawamo’s software can improve your current security system, click here.

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