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Cawamo’s AI-Based Video Analytics Provides Efficient Monitoring and Security for Command Centers

Using Video Analytics, Cawamo offers Security with Intuitive and Reliable Actions

The modern command center has come a long way to secure buildings and patrons. New monitor display systems, coupled with enhanced camera arrays, provide command centers with more tools to keep multiple locations under their watchful eye. After those improvements, the biggest task that we must tackle is the safety of the security guards. Your heroes need efficient monitoring on top of important safety precautions.

The Problem

Security guards and monitors risk danger and health problems on the job when sitting at screens for long periods, creating a hazardous work environment.

Human limitations or distractions can limit the monitoring of CCTV systems in real-time. We can only process a certain amount of information in a given timeframe. But, as the information becomes more sensitive and complex, data processing will only get more problematic for security guards.

Knowing the human ability to concentrate, it is near impossible for a person to dedicate 100% of their attention to monitoring CCTV cameras for an extended period. This lack of consistent energy becomes increasingly difficult when more cameras are utilized.

While there are better options for monitors and cameras, they might be out of the budget for certain command centers.

Visual errors

Camera systems now come in various detail and quality, which means more institutions can afford to have some visual surveillance. However, the lack of detail on low-quality cameras, plus environmental hazards and low light, can negatively impact a command center’s ability to observe the surrounding areas. Observing and reporting becomes a lot more stressful when command centers don’t know what they’re reporting.

A Need for Security Systems That Help Guards

With the addition of HD and AI camera systems, you’d think that video surveillance would be easier than ever. However, there’s still a steep disparity between quality and price. Cheaper AI camera models might trigger when detecting any object that passes its vision, while cameras with higher-quality alerts might fall out of price range. Surveillance of a wide area using AI cameras can be high-maintenance as well, requiring lots of data to process the information and relying on an internet connection to work.

What Cawamo Built

We at Cawamo can deal with this problem, balancing price and efficiency to assist current security guards. Even if previously installed, our system works with any camera system, allowing command centers to do their job efficiently and securely.

Cawamo has found a balance between cost and performance that works for any team, regardless of experience. We have been using its technology to deal with the biggest problems facing the human eyes that protect multiple locations.

With one of our short demos, you and your team can learn about our software and manage detections and alerts to make the best decisions.

It’s also possible to connect third-party software like lights and speakers to trigger when there’s a detection, even when your command center is miles away.

You never have to worry about your camera’s surveillance ability during harsh conditions like low light or rain. Our technology helps your camera arrays see straight through them, allowing for better detections and alerts.

A System that Works with, and Protects, Security Guards

Our system won’t do all of the work for you, but it certainly helps security teams analyze detections. Cawamo’s platform isn’t meant to be a “set it and forget it” product. Security teams in command centers must take in Cawamo’s Edge platform’s information and make executive decisions.

Once the system understands your command center’s needs, it will quickly accommodate them and provide the best cost-per-performance system with virtually zero false alerts.

See more about our capabilities here.

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