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How Cawamo Crowd-Sources Reliable Detection Solutions for Video Analytics

Why crowd inputs matter for AI-based video analytics

Cawamo's AI-Based video analytics combines multiple computing systems: cloud computing, local edge computing, and our user inputs. Without our customer's help, our AI system wouldn't learn or improve its detection capabilities. Less learning means less optimization, which is why it's so crucial for users to provide information that would help our CHAIN software's performance.

How crowd-sourced inputs improve detections

Camera detections aren't perfect. We're well aware of industry limitations, which is why we'd rather not go at it alone. Who better to ask about the efficacy of our platform than our users? Think of it as a living questionnaire built to implement the answers instantly and effectively. Huge amounts of collected data, augmented by our unique "crowd-sourced" inputs (inputs provided by our users and partners), are stored on the cloud.

They then become part of our cloud "knowledge" for future detections, and customers also receive better detections and features in the process.

A red circuit board for How to Crowd-Source Reliable Detection Solutions

Releasing the product to our users

Cawamo's AI platform allows for regularly creating and implementing new features, from people counting to mask detection. Once we perform our testing and QA for a feature, we release it to our customers without a patch necessary. However, it may not be at the perfect stage yet. It still needs some help to getting our VZFA (Virtually Zero False Alerts) certification. That's where our users come in.

User input's help us improve

Our users then rate our system's detections depending on their accuracy. If the system found a good detection, users give it a positive rating- the same goes for a negative rating for an incorrect one.

The platform analyzes the input and adjusts its alerts for further detection. This process helps the AI-based analytics system improve its detections and features.

"This process allows for us to not only make more capabilities for our software," says David Yakov, CEO of Cawamo. "But it also brings our customers into the process, uniting us in making a better VSaaS than any other company in the industry."

For more information about our process, feel free to contact us. To schedule a demo, click here.

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