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Increase Efficiency in Command Centers with AI-Based Video Analytics

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Cawamo’s Surveillance Software Offers Better Performance and Security

Having an efficient central security system is a foundational aspect of a safer facility. Command centers have the power to ensure the highest security, are the backbone of protection and are a powerful tool for security and safety.

The Current Problem:

However, in any given location, dozens to hundreds of cameras have to be monitored by security teams in one control center, focused intently on real-time events across multiple locations. With so many feeds that need to be watched simultaneously comes the inevitability of human error.

What Command Centers Need:

Command centers require an intuitive security platform that can operate, detect, and report with virtually zero false alerts while using their current security systems. The software must also be easy to use without extensive training.

Cawamo’s Solution:

With our combination of Edge learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cawamo focuses on simplicity and flexibility while utilizing existing hardware to provide a security platform unlike any other on the market. We aim to reduce the volume of false alarms so a minimal staff on-site can handle it. To improve alert reliability, our process detects objects and people, processes those triggers, and relays back anything perceived as a threat.

Since 2019, Cawamo has implemented special features dedicated to a command and control center. Some features include audible alerts, snooze (when alerts are being presented until the security operator makes a relevant act), a low internet bandwidth mechanism (with smart connectivity and visual algorithms to view a large number of sites with reduced capacity requirements), and easily managed third-party talkback mechanisms, allowing security operators to handle the events remotely and in real-time with automatic audible sounds in every instance.

How Cawamo’s System Works:

Cawamo has developed a range of capabilities for its products, allowing security operators to get visual alerts from on-site cameras.

Our Edge platform can be added to each monitored site and connected to the current surveillance equipment. The performance constantly improves, with significantly lower overall operational costs. This allows clients to expand their security reach with Cawamo across multiple properties.

Because it can work from a single piece of hardware, the costs of delivering our services have been reduced. One Cawamo Edge device can connect with multiple cameras and process them simultaneously. Coupled with our platform’s ability to observe and report threats under different blinding conditions (bad weather and low light), and Cawamo’s AI-based video analytics system can easily detect and react to any type of threat.

More AI analytics on your feed can yield more intuitive security, which means fewer errors, better alerts, and less stress on your command center.

Less Training Needed

One of the main benefits we bring with our ai-based video analytics platform is important technical shortcuts for easier management. Our software adjusts to your location’s needs, using crowd-sourced input to improve detections for your specific area. The platform is simple to use, meaning less training for your experienced staff.

With our third-party application capabilities, your security team can focus more on overall issues rather than frantic jumps between screens. And at the best cost-per-performance on the market, we’ve got the software to complement your command center.

Keeping a competitive edge in the security industry is not easy. At Cawamo, we provide innovative solutions to enhance your surveillance in more ways than ever. Find out more and schedule a demo at

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