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Cawamo + ParkMYFleet: A Partnership in Secure Parking Services

ParkMyFleet will incorporate Cawamo's Outdoor Surveillance System to monitor over thirty locations across the US

ParkMyFleet, a mobility innovation company providing scalable parking, repair, charging, and storage solutions for the evolving automobile industry, has incorporated cutting-edge video surveillance security analytics produced by Cawamo into its mobility hubs across the US.

Cawamo’s Artificial Intelligence-enabling technology connects to any existing video surveillance infrastructure and transforms it into a 24/7 “virtual human-like guard.” This feature will play a critical role in protecting the vehicles ParkMyFleet houses in its many mobility sites throughout the US.

“I feel confident telling our clients that the vehicles they put in our trust at our mobility sites are in the safest possible hands,” said Mike Landau, CEO of ParkMyFleet.

Cawamo’s breakthrough AI detection capabilities provide cost-effective and reliable security that protects against intruders, damage, and theft, all with nearly 100 percent accuracy. Based on unique cloud and edge architectures, this entirely web-based solution requires no installation and can be configured remotely in minutes, and is easy to use.

Employing Cawamo’s technology, ParkMyFleet can monitor each of its projected 36 mobility sites nationwide from a single location. The security system identifies people and vehicles entering and exiting the mobility hubs and sends alerts about any suspicious activity to users through the Cawamo app. In cases where there is an indication of a security issue, the Cawamo system triggers protective actions, such as closing or opening gates, sounding alarms or other types of audio messages, and more.

This partnership showcases one of the nation’s first and best utilizations of artificial intelligence for CCTV and video surveillance systems. It’s already demonstrating great value and the ability to grow and present more applications and future needs.

About Cawamo

Cawamo ( provides Hybrid Edge & Cloud, Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Surveillance Solution for outdoor security systems. It’s a patent-pending AI-based video analytics technology with superb detection capabilities at the best cost per performance. The technology connects to any security camera and any DVR/NVR system and generates high-value alerts with virtually zero false alarms. Our shared cloud and local processing enhance our exceptional performance and are designed to work with limited internet or low power resources. We’ve made an all web-based solution, installable in minutes and capable of handling different scenarios at once, such as monitoring your surroundings and protecting against threats.

About Park My Fleet

ParkMyFleet’s ( nationwide mobility hubs, which have a footprint in every US market and major metro area, support the automobile industry’s varying and changing needs. Besides providing secure, vast, and conveniently located parking options, ParkMyFleet also offers charging stations, technology solutions, vehicle transport, reconditioning services, and inventory management, among other services.

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