Provide your current and future customers with best in class video surveillance analytics on their existing and new camera installations to greatly improve their security and satisfaction at the most affordable cost.

Installed is completed within minutes, fully web-based remotes update and monitoring and the lowest cost maintenance. 

Significantly reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profits

Create an opportunity to build recurring revenue with clients

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Security Monitoring Service Providers  (SMSP)

As a Security Monitoring Service Providers (SMSP) you will greatly benefit from Cawamo’s top-performance and scalability, and especially from our detection capabilities, generation of high-value alerts, and virtually zero false alarms. This will help save you many resources, increase the efficiency of your operations while providing an even better service to your customers at a lower OPEX and CAPEX.

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Physical Security Guards Companies

Cawamo’s top-performance AI-based video analytics provides an amazing opportunity to physical security guards companies, allowing them to reduce manpower while increasing and improving their services, utilizing our unique capabilities to turn ANY camera into a “Smart Human-like Virtual Guard.” A great reduction in OPEX and CAPEX and significant savings resulting in an increase in bottom-line revenues.

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Professional Security and Video Surveillance Installers and Integrators

Cawamo’s solution allows you to offer greater value to your existing customers and attract new ones by offering them outstanding AI-based video analytics that dramatically improves their security and safety.  This may also allow you to generate a new recurring revenue stream from additional services that you can now provide to your customers.