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AI based video Analytics

  • What kind of cameras is Cawamo compatible with?
    Cawamo can be connected to almost any device that delivers the RTSP video signal. IP cameras with Onvif or IP cameras that are not Onvif compatible or even Analog cameras that are connected to a DVR which is capable to transmit RTSP signal.
  • What equipment is needed to set up the Cawamo platform on-site?
    The only device that is required is the Cawamo Edge device. Connecting Cawamo’s Edge device to the local network and to the power and then all the configuration is being done via a standard browser or a mobile phone.
  • How is Cawamo technology different and why is it better?
    Cawamo solution is the best cost/performance solution for the mass market. Please see the main highlights listed on our home page.
  • Do I need a special internet connection?
    Cawamo’s architecture is such that is requiring minimal internet connectivity for a smooth operation. This is being achieved by the fact that most of the detection part is being done on the local Edge device.
  • How does the installation process work?
    Connect the Edge device to the local router and all the rest takes a few minutes - configuring the cameras and the detection services via a web browser.
  • Is there a cloud backup of the alerts in case the equipment on site will be harmed or stolen?
    Using Cawamo, as the events are stored on our cloud, in such cases the evidence of the security event including the image and the pre-alert video are secured and stored on our cloud.
  • How do I know how much to charge my clients for the service?
    It is different per country and per market segment, but a common Margin on top of our price list is around 25-30%.
  • Where can I view/ monitor my client’s camera footage and alerts?
    As a reseller, you can view the cameras and alerts of your clients ( except for those who pressed -” Unshare my site” ) by using the Burger Menu on the left upper side of the screen, and pressing the “My Shared Sites” menu item. Please note that pressing the view of a specific event will cancel the event blinking on your client’s view as well.
  • How long is video footage saved? Am I able to save it forever?
    All alerts including the image and the short 10-sec pre-alert video are stored in the cloud for 2 weeks’ time. In case of an important alert, there is an option to keep it stored on the cloud forever by pressing the save button on top of the image of the event [ Disk Icon, which turns into a green color ]
  • How many cameras can Cawamo’s platform connect to?
    There is no limit to the number of cameras. The Cawamo platform is scalable. Concerning the number of cameras on-site - there are different Edge devices per number of cameras to be connected.
  • As a reseller, what type of discount am I entitled to?"
    Our price list is a reseller price list and includes the reseller discounted prices.
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