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Covid 19


As a result of our outstanding technology, Cawamo was the first to create unique applications addressing the guidelines related to Covid-19

Social Distancing and Crowd Detection

Addressing Social Distancing and Preventing Over-Crowded locations

Cawamo’s high-performance AI and deep machine learning engine can detect in real-time people gathering in groups in public areas and alert the relevant safety authorities. 

It can also send a voice alert to the gathering crowd.  All events are recorded, including video images of pre- and post-alerts.  Works for both indoors and outdoors.

Crowd detection
Medical masks

Wearing Face Masks

Addressing Government guidelines on wearing face masks

Cawamo’s unique technology was the first to develop a video analytics app that can detect and send a vocal alert to people who are not wearing face masks.

Our system can also issue an alert to the relevant authorities and individuals.

All events are recorded, including video images of pre- and post-alerts. Works great both indoors and outdoors.

People counting

People Counting

Preventing over-crowded facilities per Governments’ Guidelines

Cawamo’s powerful processing capabilities can count people entering and leaving premises (such as malls, government or commercial buildings, shops and alike) and raise an alert when reaching the allowed capacity.


This unique application performs a “site counting”, simultaneously detecting and collecting inputs from a few entrances/exists.

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