Connect your cameras to Cawamo cloud via  

Cawamo mini-computer on site


Store the live video, broadcast and manage it on the cloud


Access the cloud storage for remote management or video usage (Such as Time lapse or broadcast to multiple viewers) 

Field to cloud

Using Cawamo edge devices (Mini-computer) you can connect almost any security camera or DVR/NVR to the Cawamo cloud. Special bandwidth considerations are implemented to fit cellular based internet connectivity.

Cloud services

Cawamo Cloud offers a variety of video managed services including:

  • A complete cloud-based video management system (VMS)

  • Broadcast to multiple concurrent viewers

  • Automatic Time lapse clip generation

Content view

Use almost any cellular phone (Android or IOS), tablet or PC and view the live video, stored video or automatically produced time lapse clips.

Your Cloud Video Service platform

  Cawamo cloud video system offers an end to end video handling and management environment. Capturing the video on site from the field security camera via the Cawamo edge unit, connecting it to the cloud, managing the video and  presenting it to viewers using a standard internet browser or the Cawamo App.