Accurate, long-distance, night and  weather resistant

Connect with ANY Camera

Able to connect ANY security camera to ANY device (mobile, laptop, PC, notepad)

Best Cost/Performace

Cloud/edge shared architecture offering a low cost yet high-performance system



Quick (<5 minutes) and easy installation, web-based updates and controls, with user friendly operation



Data is continuously updated and improved via our proprietary “crowd-sourced” security inputs

Low Connectivity Required

Designed to work with limited Internet connectivity and low power resources

The End of False Alerts

 Error-free relevant alerts, virtually no false alarms! 

Special COVID-19 Solutions

Dedicated detection capabilities addressing Covid-19 related guidelines


about us

Established in 2016, Cawamo’s team of professionals applies state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and deep machine learning technologies. Cawamo’s Smart Video security systems connect to ANY surveillance camera, transforming it into a smart camera with superior video monitoring capabilities.


 We aim to change the security and safety markets worldwide, connecting to ANY camera and making it a SMART Camera – A 24/7 (day & night) “Smart Virtual Human Guard,” generating relevant alerts with virtually zero false alarms. 

We strive to bring a sense of safety and security to your home, business, and to government agencies by helping identify areas of concern as a means of prevention with the best performing and most cost-effective technology possible.



Our Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms Help Identify Potential Threats on Your Personal Surveillance Devices 

Suspected Robbery Detection
Fire & Smoke Detection
Person Detection
Crowd Detection
Vehicle and Restricted Parking Zone Detection
Medical Masks Detection
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oUr solution


Transforming the World of Security Through Surveillance Insight Using Artificial Intelligence

Cawamo uses Artificial Intelligence to track anomalies within restricted areas and issues immediate alerts to a mobile device via the Cawamo App. This "Smart Virtual Human Guard” generates high-value alerts and virtually zero false alarms.


All alerts are delivered with the event information, including images captured prior to the alert so action can be taken to prevent theft or property damage before its too late. 


We successfully developed a platform that addresses numerous security & safety scenarios for all size businesses, residential, and governments, while keeping cost low, and installation & operation short and simple.

Small Business and Large Enterprises 

Real-time intrusion notifications with our virtual guard solution

Security Companies

Less false alarms allow your company to focus on real events rather than wasting time and effort on irrelevant cases

Home Owners

Receive alerts to your phone whenever a person is entering any private area of your home

Use Existing Equipment

Our products are designed to be integrated with any surveillance equipment; whether already on site or a completely new system



Designed to work with limited connectivity - including fixed internet, cellular and satellite connectivity

Unique ClassificationS

Our system offers unique classifications including robbery, crowd detection and smoke & fire alerts amongst others

Cost Effective

On-site and cloud combined architecture, allowing us to offer superior services at surprisingly low prices


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