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How it Works

Best Cost / Performance Ai Based Video Analytics

Cawamo's hybrid system combines Cloud and Edge Computing for virtually zero missed or false alerts with special care of challenging outdoor environments. 

Challenging weather conditions

Long distance analytics
Darkness and night capability

Limited internet connectivity

Advanced Technology  Simple Operation 

Easy installation

Connect our Edge device to electricity and the local network on site. A fixed IP address is not required.

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Simply Connect to ANY security camera 

The system automatically searches for any Onvif device on the site (other devices can be connected using a simple RTSP link)

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Add AI services from the Cawamo services library

Each camera can be used for multiple detection rules. Everything is done at the click of a button

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Simple configuration of ROI (Region Of Interest), modular scheduler and real-time feedback (auto-recorded announcement and relays to operate on-site accessories)

Configure the services

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Real-time alerts are pushed to the web browser, Cawamo mobile app, third-party VMS systems and central stations simultaneously

Start receiving accurate alerts in real time


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The Cawamo Edge device acts as an on-site NVR recording the video footage 24/7 while all alerts are saved and secured in the cloud.

Forensic analysis 

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All users of the platform benefit from all other users. User feedback is collected with each alert and improves the shared global cloud AI model as well as the user-specific site model.

Continuous learning platform

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AI Video Services

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Video & Access control services

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Continually Offering a Wide Range of New AI Analytic Services and Solutions


Deep Learning using  Our Growing Global Security Community

Similar to Waze, our user community takes part in continually improving and training the Cawamo platform to attain the best cost/performance secure solution for the AI-based video analytics market


Special Use cases

Main Sales Office

Dallas, Texas

P: (678) 399 2021 #1


East Coast Sales office

New Jersey, NY

P: (917) 764 4545

West Coast Sales Office

Boise, Idaho

P: (678) 399 2021 #4


Latam Sales Office


P:+57 304 264 2844 


Support office

Atlanta, Georgia
P: (678) 399 2021 #2


Financials office

New Hampshire
P: (678) 399 2021 #3

R&D Center

Hod Hasharon, Israel

P: +972-9-3720133

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