Best Cost/Performance AI-Based Video Analytics


Real-time preventive security alerts. Top-performance - Virtually zero false alarms!

Connects to ANY camera (and any DVR/NVR)  

Detecting numerous and unique security & safety scenarios.

Unlimited scalability via local and cloud shared processing

Installed in minutes with new services added in seconds

Dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any video surveillance operation

COVID-19 compliance-related applications


Security & Safety Detection Capabilities

Some of Our Detection Scenarios

Suspected Robbery Detection
Fire & Smoke Detection
Person Detection
Crowd Detection
Vehicle and Restricted Parking Detection
People Counting
Medical Masks Detection

Our Market Segments

Small and Large Businesses 

Retail, manufacturers, warehouses and office buildings

Security Companies

Security Remote Monitoring, security guards companies and Video Surveillance Integrators


Single-family and

multi-family housing

Construction Companies

Construction security and safety


State and local, municipalities and law enforcement authorities

Our Technology

Cawamo’s Unique Architecture

Our CHAIN Architecture (Cawamo Hybrid AI Network) exploits the benefits of both cloud and local edge solutions, working with an accurate synchronization mechanism to offer the best cost/performance solution in the market!


This approach brings high-quality AI-analytics that is suitable for all market segments: residential, commercial and government, small and large enterprises, and mass markets, with numerous remote locations.


The Cawamo Edge unit is installed on-site and performs the first

AI-based detection works in synchronization with the Cawamo cloud neural AI network and generates high-quality, accurate alerts.

Cawamo’s Cloud is the core of our solution. This is a powerful neural network specifically trained to address numerous security scenarios.

Huge amounts of data that our research scientists are continuously collecting, augmented by our unique “crowed-source” inputs (inputs provided by our users and partners), is being stored on the cloud and is becoming part of our cloud "knowledge."  

While the cloud is offering unlimited computing power, flexibility, and scalability, implementing the edge device allows us to control the site security with great bandwidth efficiency and a full flow end-to-end solution including connectivity to any on-site accessories.

Who Partners with Cawamo ?

Security Monitoring Service Providers (SMSP) greatly benefit from Cawamo’s top-performance and scalability, our detection capabilities, high-value alerts and virtually zero false alarms - Significant savings  on CAPEX & OPEX. Physical security guards companies can reduce manpower while increasing and improving their services and customers satisfaction. Professional security and video surveillance Integrators brings amazing added-value to their customers and increase their loyalty and satisfaction.


About Us

Cawamo’s team of professionals applies state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning technologies to provide the BEST cost/performance video analytics on the market. Our R&D team of AI experts, customer support specialists, and management are all committed to excellence. We aim to change the security & safety markets worldwide, connecting to ANY camera and transforming it into a “Smart, Virtual Human-like Guard,” generating high-quality and virtually zero false alerts. We have successfully developed a platform that addresses numerous security & safety scenarios for all size businesses, residentials, and governments, with the simplest installation and operation. Cawamo is a private company backed by a few investors.

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