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High End

Accurate , long distance, night and different weather condition proofed

Connect ANY camera

Full Flow - Connecting ANY camera to any device (mobile, lap-top, PC, notepad)

BEST Cost/Performance

Cloud/edge shared architecture offering a low cost yet high performance system,

Extremely fast installation

Fast (~5 minutes) installation, all web-based updates and controls, and the simplest operation.

"Crowd Sourced" 

Continuously improving via our proprietary “crowd-sourced” security inputs

Low Connectivity required

Designed to work with limited Internet connectivity and low power resources

The End of False alerts

High-value alerts, virtually no false alarms! 

Special COVID-19 solutions

Dedicated detection capabilities addressing Covid-19 related Guidelines


about us

Smart Video Services 

Cawamo’s security systems provide the perfect infrastructure for advanced video applications.

Our service connects to any camera and transforms it into a smart camera with superior capabilities including video handling involving artificial intelligence.

Our development team has vast experience in Video, AI, IP and networks, while our product and business teams have many years of experience in the security market. Together we have a winning team, building the best, cost-effective, high performance services for the mass market.



We are using your existing security cameras!

Suspected robbery Detection
Fire&Smoke Detection
Person Detection
Crowd Detection
Vehicle and Restricted Parking Zone Detection
Medical Masks Detection
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oUr solution

Transforming the World of Security Through Surveillance Insight Using Artificial Intelligence

Cawamo uses artificial intelligence to track anomalies within a restricted area and issues an immediate alert to the owner's mobile device via the Cawamo App. All alerts are delivered with the event information, including images and pre-alert shots so an action can be taken to prevent property damage or theft immediately after receiving it.


SMBs & Enterprise

Real-time intrusion notifications with our virtual guard solution.

Security Companies

With Cawamo it is much easier to secure your clients , lower amount of  false alarms allows your company to focus on real events rather than wasting time and efforts for non relevant cases.

Home Owners

Your cameras can be much smarter! Receive alerts to your phone whenever a person is entering any private area of your home. 

Use Existing Equipment

Our products are designed to be integrated with any surveillance equipment already on site or a completely new system.

Connectivity efficiency

Designed to work with limited connectivity - Fixed internet , Cellular or even satellite connectivity

Unique Classification

Our system offers unique classifications including robbery, crowd detection , smoke and fire alerts among st others.

Cost Efficiency

cloud and onsite combined architecture, allowing us to offer superior services at surprisingly low prices


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